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Versatile Steam Cleaning BLACK+DECKER Multipurpose System with 6 Attachments

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    Experience the ultimate in home cleaning with the BLACK+DECKER Steam Cleaning Multipurpose System. This all-in-one steam cleaner is equipped with six powerful attachments, providing versatile solutions for various cleaning needs. Harness the efficiency of steam technology for deep and eco-friendly cleaning that goes beyond the surface.


    Versatile Cleaning: Six attachments cater to different surfaces and cleaning requirements.
    Powerful Steam Technology: Effortlessly removes grime, dirt, and bacteria for a thorough and deep clean.
    Eco-Friendly: Utilizes the power of steam for a chemical-free and environmentally friendly cleaning solution.
    Efficient Cleaning Solutions: Tackle tough stains and messes with ease, leaving surfaces sanitized and refreshed.
    Home Maintenance: An essential tool for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment.
    All-in-One Cleaner: Streamline your cleaning routine with this multipurpose steam cleaning system.
    Surface Sanitization: Effectively kills germs and bacteria on various surfaces around your home.
    Cleaning Tools: The six attachments cover a range of surfaces, from floors to countertops, ensuring comprehensive cleaning.
    Household Appliance: A must-have for every home, making cleaning tasks efficient and convenient.
    BLACK+DECKER Reliability: Trusted brand delivering quality and innovation in cleaning solutions.


    Brand Name: DUTRIEUX
    Power (W): <800W
    Origin: US(Origin)
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    &quot;Versatile Steam Cleaning: BLACK+DECKER Multipurpose System with 6 Attachments&quot;
    &quot;Versatile Steam Cleaning: BLACK+DECKER Multipurpose System with 6 Attachments&quot;