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Cat Scratching Grinding Paws Ball Toy

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    Cat Scratching Pad Cat scratching ball toy Wear-resistant cat scratching board sisal ball cat toy Self-relieving cat claw grinding toy. 
    Cat Scratching Ball Toy Kitten Sisal Rope Ball Board Grinding Paws Toys Cats Scratcher Wear-resistant Pet Furniture supplies.
    ♦Keep your cat entertained while keeping your furniture intact
    ●The cat scratcher cardboard is reversible, so two sides can be scratched, making the cat scratching cardboard life last longer and more cost-effective.
    ●Reversible For 2x Use: Build with a two-sided scratching pad,Higher density harden corrugated cardboard.
    ●Different touching experience makes cat scratching pad irresistible for the cats.
    Natural Sisal Cat Scratch Ball Dimensions: Sisal Cat Scratch Ball is approximately 7.87" in diameter, and the solid wood base measures 8.3"x 8.3"x 8.3". Size fits most cats and kittens.
    Protect  Furniture : This sisal cat scratching ball toy features durable solid wood and natural sisal balls. it can prevent sofas and other furniture from being scratched by cats. Save money on maintaining furniture.
    Simple & Casual:Put it in the living room, bedroom and other places where cats like to go.
    Safe  : The base of the triangular frame is designed to support the sisal ball, which is stable and not easy to tip over, so that the cat will not be hurt and safer when playing with this toy.
     High Quality :The sisal cat scratching ball is made of eco-friendly and durable material that won't fall apart easily.
    Fun Toy: The unique hollow design, combined with the cat's natural like to drill holes, satisfies the cat's curiosity. Spinning sisal balls can also be a great way to grab a cat's attention.
    Easy To Install:  Simply attach the triangular board to the stick, place the sisal cat scratching ball on the top stick, then place the other board on the stick and tighten the three screws on the board. 


    Type: cats
    No. of Tiers: Single Layer
    Material: Wood
    Type: cat scratcher
    Material: natural wood + sisal rope ball
    Dimensions: 18 x 19 x 17 cm/ 6.69*7.08*7.48in 
    Quantity: 1 piece

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    Cat Scratching Ball Toy
    Cat Scratching Ball Toy
    Cat Scratching Ball Toy
    Cat Scratching Ball Toy
    Cat Scratching Ball Toy
    Cat Scratching Ball Toy
    Cat Scratching Ball Toy
    Cat Scratching Ball Toy