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Silicone Magic Broom - Hand-push Window Squeegee

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    Introducing our Silicone Magic Broom – the versatile hand-push window washing wiper that effortlessly tackles pet hair, dust, and debris on various household surfaces. This innovative spatula design is ideal for floor, mirror, and window cleaning, offering a practical and effective solution for maintaining a spotless home. Elevate your cleaning routine with this multi-functional tool, designed for convenience and efficiency.
    Silicone Magic Broom: Experience the magic of silicone with this innovative broom designed for versatile cleaning applications.
    Hand-push Window Washing: Effortlessly clean windows with the hand-push design, making window washing a breeze without the need for excessive effort.
    Wiper Squeegee Functionality: The broom doubles as a wiper squeegee, ensuring effective removal of water and cleaning solutions for streak-free surfaces.
    Pet Hair and Dust Brooms: Tackle pet hair and dust with ease using the silicone bristles, capturing and removing debris for a cleaner environment.
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    Magic Wiper Broom Hand Push Wipe Squeeze Silicone Mop for Wash Floor Clean Tools Windows Scraper Pet Hair Non-Stick Sweeping Quick Dry
    Floor squeegee: With a special design, the sweeper is very suitable for cleaning concrete, hardwood, wood and tile floors without scratching.
    Adjustable wipes: The magic broom is equipped with a stainless steel rod and the length is adjustable. It can be adjusted up to 43.3 inches (110 cm). The 12.2 inch (31 cm) wide foam floor squeegee can help you complete housework quickly and reduce cleaning time. Make housework easier and more effective.
    Easy to use: The package comes with a squeegee head and 3 combination rods. It can be assembled easily in one minute. The handle with fixed buckle makes the squeegee firmer and does not shake during use.
    Wide range of uses: Floor squeegee is most suitable for sweeping water and removing hair and pet hair. In addition, it is suitable for multi-sided floors, and can be used as floor squeegee, wiper, window squeegee, and push brooms outside of garages, decks, showers, bathrooms, and windows.
    Color: pink/green/gray
    Specification: 87*31cm
    Material: PP+TPR+ stainless steel
    Package includes: 1 x magic broom
    1. Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 0-2cm. Thank you for your understanding.
    2. The monitor is not calibrated, and the color of the object shown in the photo may be slightly different from the actual product. Please refer to the actual product.

    Broomstick Material: Stainless steel
    Type: Hand Brush and Dustpan
    Broom Head Material: Silicone
    Dustpan Material: Plastic
    Household Cleaning Tools: Household Cleaning Accessories

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    Silicone Magic Broom - Hand-push Window Squeegee
    Silicone Magic Broom - Hand-push Window Squeegee
    Silicone Magic Broom - Hand-push Window Squeegee
    Silicone Magic Broom - Hand-push Window Squeegee
    Silicone Magic Broom - Hand-push Window Squeegee
    Silicone Magic Broom - Hand-push Window Squeegee